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Borrowed in Blue
Winter Wedding in Montgomery

  • Ashley M.
    Ashley M.
    As soon as my senior year came around the first thing I wanted to do was set up a date for my senior pictures. Knowing Ms. Dianne for many years I knew instantly that I wanted her to take my pictures. Going to take my pictures I was a little nervous and I didn't want my smile to looked forced. As soon as we started taking the pictures I realized how much fun I was having. Ms. Dianne made my senior pictures an absolute blast to take, and I'm so overjoyed of how they turned out. The pictures were stunning and they couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you once again for an unbelievable senior photo shoot!!
  • Lisa A.
    Lisa A.
    "Most photographers stage a perfect moment. Dianne Leigh Photography captures it. Dianne must see the world in its minutest detail, because her photos are capable of cultivating astounding beauty out of seemingly normal occurrences. Working with her is not just a professional relationship--she is kind, caring, and hyperaware of the wants and needs of the client. A session with Dianne Leigh Photography comes with a bucket of laughs, free of charge. She is prompt in returning photos and has many resources on ways to make the photos tangible for her clients. She has passion for photography and it seamlessly emanates into her work. It will be hard to find a photographer who is more capable, fun, and creative than Dianne Leigh Photography."
  • Terri C.
    Terri C.
    "Dianne is creative and fun to work with. Her photography captured a natural look and feel of my daughter's true personality. I would highly recommmend her and use her professional photography services in the future."