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Peanut | Childrens Photographer – Montgomery, Texas

My little Peanut.   She’s my whole world all balled up into one little three year old body (along with my children & hubby of course).  Amazing isn’t it?  The way you can just watch them them and your heart fills with such love it truly fills like it’s going to pop.   Who’d of thunk it?

Before she was born I wasn’t sure how the whole “Mimi” thing would happen.  I was filled with as many or more questions about this impending new life as I was with my own pregnancies.

Do you love them as much as your own?  I mean – they are your flesh and blood afterall – part of your legacy.  Do you instantly attach to them?  What does it feel like to be a Mimi?

On September 18, 2007, all of my questions were instantly answered as my precious little Peanut made her debut into the world.  And just in case you were wondering the answers are:

YES – YES and YES!!!  Yes, you love them every bit as much as the children you carried.  Yes, you would throw yourself under a moving bus to protect them from the minute they take their first breath and yes, you become overwhelmed with emotion and the tears flow freely.  Probably even more so than with your own children as not only is there a beautiful new life but your daughter is now a mother or your son a father and your heart is filled with joy and happiness for them.  And yes, your heart is instantly filled with overwhelming, unconditional LOVE.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious Peanut.

She’s 3 and I still refuse to say the word Gran*** (see – I can’t even type it – he he.  I’m just WAY TO YOUNG – I was only 19 yesterday, I still think & feel like I’m 19 – most days anyway) but I’m proud to be her Mimi and grateful for the blessings &  gifts of love she has added to our family!

I’m not sure if I was all mushy when I posted her Birthday Session last year but if so.  Sorry.  It’s likely to continue that way each September.  ~smiles~

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