I was very blessed as a photographer recently to have the opportunity to photograph a double maternity portrait session.  That’s right..not one but TWO baby bellies!!  Stacy and Holiday are sisters-n-law or sister-n-laws?  he he  Either way their family was been blessed with two pregnancies!!  And two bouncing baby boys!

Wyatt and Rowdy have both made a healthy debut into the world with 10 adorable little fingers and toes and their families couldn’t be more proud!!  Just three weeks apart I think we should have a combination portrait session on their first birthdays and do a big cake smash don’t you?!   Adorable, messy fun!!

maternity portraits montgomery rw001
maternity portraits montgomery rw002
maternity portraits montgomery rw005 (1)
maternity portraits montgomery rw003
maternity portraits montgomery rw004

Big congratulations to both Stacy, Holiday and their families!!!




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After three years of wedded bliss Amanda and Ivan are excitedly awaiting on the arrival of little Miss Harper Lee.  I just love that name!  Of course girls with any variation of the name Leigh are super cool in my book.  *wink*

Amanda chose to have her maternity portrait session at Heritage Park  where she and Ivan had their engagement photos taken and although toward the end it got rather warm the weather was great for August in Texas!  You can’t beat that!

maternity portrait photographer montgomery texas amanda 001


Amanda is just glowing and looks absolutely gorgeous with her cute little Harper belly!

maternity portrait photographer montgomery texas amanda 005

Harper’s soon to be Grandma, Joan, came along with us as well and is glowing every bit as much as her beautiful Amanda!  This little girl is already surrounded by love!

maternity portrait photographer montgomery texas amanda 003

maternity portrait photographer montgomery texas amanda 002

maternity portrait photographer montgomery texas amanda 004

Just a few more days before this sweet little girl makes her appearance!   Congratulations Amanda and Ivan!!  Can’t wait to meet her!!  Rest up while you can!  he he





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Time for some little toes, fingers and noses!!  After all the beautiful bellies on the blog lately it’s time to mix up the maternity portraits with some adorable newborn photos!!

Stacy and Chris welcomed their miracle baby, Wyatt, not too long after their maternity pictures were done and as you can imagine they are totally smitten!

Can you blame them???  Just look at him!  So absolutely precious and perfect in every way!

newborn portrait photographer montgomery texas wyatt 004

He smiled!!!   Melted my heart!

newborn portrait photographer montgomery texas wyatt 001

That face is just so sweet!

newborn portrait photographer montgomery texas wyatt 002

He’s already playing in Daddy’s hats and is even grinning about it isn’t he????

newborn portrait photographer montgomery texas wyatt 003

Congratulations Stacy and Chris!!  Thanks for letting me play with your little angel!!  I can’t wait for his one year cake smash!!  I have a feeling we’d better all show up in raincoats.


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FINALLY!!  A break through!  Writers get writers block all the time right?  I’m not sure what you call it when a photographer is creatively blocked. Photo blocked maybe??  Photographically impaired?  Creatively challenged??

I have been creatively impaired on a little personal project for MONTHS now!!  In the kids (guest) room of the new house I  have two frames on a wall that have been completely empty.  I know….the chalk wall needs trimmed, crown molding put up….the dresser painted, etc.  Hey…I’m getting there ok??

childrens family portrait photographer montgomery 004

Anyway, there are also two frames exactly like the empty ones on the opposite wall which have photos in them that need updating as well.  I have a plan for those though.

The two landscape frames on the other hand have been a challenge.  I thought about balloons, bubbles and even fence painting but just could not come up with the right idea.  I knew I wanted the wee ones in them…the question was how?  After all the cast of characters around here should be on the bedroom walls….especially my little Peanut and Cupcake!  I didn’t want the images to be too “busy” either.

We have been holding little mini kids photo sessions everywhere.  We literally had shoots at the rodeo carnival, outside in the bushes….you name it.  Funny isn’t it?  I can come up with ideas for my clients left and right but when it comes to something for my self.  Zilch.  Nada.  Blank.

The wee ones really enjoyed their fun kids portrait session jumping and playing around on the bed and although I loved how their photos turned out…it just wasn’t right.

childrens family portrait photographer montgomery 003

I hate to admit it but my office walls are completely bare too!  *sigh*

childrens family portrait photographer montgomery 001

Last weekend as I prepared to venture out on a commercial photography session right before they headed home I was tucking my cameras in their case for the ride and suddenly…inspiration!!  I looked up and saw the light shining through the big dining room window perfectly on a blank area of wall by my entry way and suddenly I saw it!  Literally!

childrens family portrait photographer montgomery 005

I had this vision of two plain and simple close up portraits on the wall, one left and one right so I pulled my camera back out…took two or three quick pics of each of the girls and viola!!  PERFECT!!

childrens family portrait photographer montgomery 006

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest ideas are the hardest ones to see??  *giggles*  All of these months and it only took a few quick snaps!!

Sparkle and snap y’all!



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