Ooey gooey delicious yumminess!!  Yes that’s a word.  I just invented it.  I think!  :P

As a Girl Scout Leader for 16 years I have spent lots of time poking marshmallows, roasting them to perfection and sliding them between 1/2 a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar and two Graham Crackers.  Savoring each bite then licking every last crumb off my sticky fingers!  The perfectly cooked marshmallow for me means catching them on fire and letting them burn until they burn out.  Yum!!

In celebration of National Smore’s Day what’ya say we shake things up a bit and try an new twist on an old fave??


Thanks to Pinterest you can click the link above try some Peanut Butter Cookie Smore’s!  Let me know how it goes!!  How do you Smore???

Off to start the fire!!


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The bellies have taken over the blog lately and you know what that means???  BABIES!  Lots of precious little toes and cute little noses coming VERY SOON!  I am excited to photograph Baby Wyatt this weekend who made his big debut into the world last week as well as Amanda and Ivan who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Harper!

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love, build client relationships and be a part…..if even briefly of the joy in my clients lives through their engagements, weddings, bellies, babies and watching their children and families grow!!!!

Meet Lauren, Shawn, little Robin who are excitedly waiting to meet baby Skyler!  We held their maternity portrait session at Lauren’s family property in Montgomery.  It was hot and muggy but otherwise a beautiful day.  They had been at a birthday party all day so Robin was really tired but was such a trooper and so patient with us and the camera.


Who can get over those eyes and that little doll face?? Adorbs!!


Such a cute family!!


Lauren brought the blue flower sash and I just love it!!  Great props make photos so much more personalized and meaningful for my clients.


Congrats again Lauren and Shawn!!  I can’t wait to meet baby Skyler!!


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Just in time for the weekend!  A fun craft to do with your favorite image or images as the case may be.  I just may try this out myself since the walls in my office are completely bare at the moment.  You’d think a photographer would have the walls covered wouldn’t ya??


I will before you know it I’m sure.  I just keep going back and forth with what I’d like to do.  I’d really love some sort of interchangeable Instagram wall so if any of you find a good project that will fit that bill – hit me up!!  I found a couple just not the right one.

This would definitely work as well.  Hmmmm…decisions, decisions.  :P If any of you give this a try be sure to let me know.  Id love to see what you did with it!!


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This is really important y’all!  It’s the number one thing that ALL photographers should be doing to grow their business!  Grab a pen, listen close…..are you ready???

It’s so simple really.  Here it is….respond to your prospective clients!!  I can’t tell you how many inquiries I receive both via email as well as by phone and the first thing my future client says to me is, “Thank you so much for responding! I have contacted several photographers and you are the first one who actually got back with me.”


I always act shocked at these statements which isn’t an act.  I’m truly amazed that they have so much trouble getting a call or email returned.  On the upside…these inquiries are ALWAYS instant clients for me!

In this day and age of texting, emails and social media people don’t like to wait for a response.  We are used to pushing send and hearing a “bing” response almost instantaneously.  That said, replying to multiple inquiries both via phone and email (or via social media) can be daunting.  It’s a great idea to schedule 15-30 minutes a couple of times a day to sit down and reply to emails as well as make phone calls.  An email response within 24 hours should be fine but no response is just flat not good for your business!!  Put yourself in your clients shoes.


Click here for a great article by the Sprouting Photographer, Bryan Caporicci, on how to convert inquiries into clients.  Its’s full of lots of great tips and information!!

I am all about sharing information, empowering each other and growing together and I hope this little tidbit of information helps your business sparkle and shine!!


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Backaches, sleepless nights and swollen feet don’t bother this pretty Mommy-to-Be one bit.  Despite their best efforts including fertility treatments, the doctors and all of the experts told Stacy that motherhood would probably not be in her future but she never gave up hope!

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 009b

Stacy requested a western theme for her maternity portrait session so we headed to Heritage Park in Montgomery, home to the Texian Heritage Festival.   The morning was perfect!  Sometimes you just flat luck out with the weather around here.  ♥

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 003b

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 006

I am in love with those little John Deere boots!!  So precious!!  Little Wyatt is one loved baby!!

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 004b

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 001b

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 007b

Our session was actually a DOUBLE maternity session as Stacy’s sister-in-law is also due soon!!  I will post those maternity portraits in the next few days.  I thought they each deserved their own special time to shine!  Or glow as the case may be!  :P

maternity portraits photographer montgomery 008b

Wyatt made his grand entrance into the world since our session and I can’t wait to get all his little toes and cute little nose behind my lens!!

Congratulations Stacy & Chris!



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