Hermann Park Family Photography | Pugh Family

Hermann Park Family Photography | Pugh Family

This sweet family.  I just love taking their pictures!  They are always such fun and have such a great attitude.  We planned their family photo session at the Houston Zoo and Hermann Park and they drove all the way from Montgomery.

Mother Nature spent the entire day teasing us.   Storming, sprinkling, clearing up and sprinkling again.  Wouldn’t you know it….showtime came and so did the rain.

They were awesome and game to still try to get one or two shots even with the rain coming through the trees so they snuggled up and smiled for the camera.   I think for the situation and teeny tiny dry spot they did great!

We will reschedule for more later but at least we got 1 or 2.  Maybe Mother Nature will cooperate a bit more next time!


Family Photography – Tomball, Tx | Matlock Family

Family Photography – Tomball, Tx | Matlock Family

This session in one word.


I love, Love, LOVED this session!  First of all I just love this family and second, I am in LOVE with this location!

Michelle picked the location for their portraits this year and I am obsessed with it!  This venue is so beautiful that it looks fake.  It is called Cy-Hope and it has lakes, fountains, willow trees, log cabins and even a little Alamo!  You read that right – a little Alamo!  I am headed back this Spring with one of my brides and I can not wait!

Their session was scheduled for 8:00 am and I was very nervous on the way as the fog was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.  You know what I mean.  Halloween, scary, spooky fog.  Before I got there it cleared off and I let out a big sigh of relief.

As it turned out we timed our session just right because as we headed back to the parking lot…the fog rolled in.  We cut that one close for sure but we did great and got some beautiful portraits.  These kids are used to Michelle taking their photos and boy can they pose.

If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve seen this beautiful family several times and little Meredith quite a few.  Her maternity, newborn, 6 month and cake smash sessions have all graced my blog pages.

During the session Michelle mentioned to me that she hadn’t gotten a good picture of Meredith’s baby blues since our last session.  Well Michelle…..here you go!  I’m happy to help!  I could photograph those beautiful blue eyes all day!!  *mwah*
















Family Photographer – Tomball, Texas | Roach Family

Family Photographer – Tomball, Texas | Roach Family

What a difference a couple of years makes! Just look how grown up this adorable bunch is?

They braved the bright morning light for their session this year. Sun & wind gave us a one heck of a photographic challenge but it turned out gorgeous though don’t you think? Look at those eyes. Beautiful!

The girls Astros shirts were sparkly. Yes please. I’ll take 2! he he So much energy!

Ah to be young again eh? If I can figure out a way to bottle that energy who wants the first bottle? he he


Montgomery, Texas – Family Photographer | Taylor Family

Montgomery, Texas – Family Photographer | Taylor Family

This sweet family!  The only thing I like more than taking their photos is gushing about them.  Sweetest family ever! Seriously y’all!

Casey opted to do their family portraits at home this year.  They have a beautiful home and I was completely on board with it.  Someone forgot to let little Lincoln know that though.  He was just not having it.  Any of it.  It was the cutest thing.  Mom & Dad are so patient with both of their littles and as soon as we realized that he was semi ok as long as no one said the “P” word (picture) we were able to get some cute shots.

It was the funniest thing.  I was taking photos of Mom and precious Rory and not 3 feet away little Lincoln was sitting on the floor bawling like a baby.  Well, ok…he is a baby but I’m sure you get the picture.

These are the fun photoshoots that will make Mom & Dad smile years from now when they look at the pictures and remember all of the chaos and tears off-camera that went with them.  They will smile with nostalgia and wish they could go back to that very moment and hug their littles just one more time before they grew up.  It happens in a blink.

In the meantime, they will frame their photos, hang them on the wall and high five each other before falling into bed exhausted.  Are ya feeling me all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there?  You’ve been there haven’t you?  Me too my friends.

Live in the moment, embrace the chaos, the imperfection and the “real”.  Casey always smiles and says, “this is so us.”  I just love her…we should all learn a bit these two.

I can’t wait til our next photographic adventure!










Katy, Texas Family Photographer | Taylor Family

Katy, Texas Family Photographer | Taylor Family

This fall will be the third year that I have been blessed to photograph this family.  I love working with them and gush about them every time I post.  I was super excited when Casey called me to photograph their extended family at their beautiful family home in Katy, Texas.

Mom and Dad (or Grandpa and Grandma) are so cute and still clearly nuts about each other after all these years.  I just love the way they are looking at each other.  So very sweet!  #relationshipgoals

As it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and whole family is fun!  Is this a gorgeous clan or what?  The weather was iffy that morning so we were challenged with a group of adorable littles and attempting to get them to all look the same direction as well as the fighting the humidity and threat of Mother Nature.  We had a window of about 15 minutes before the rain came but managed to get some great photos!

After the rain started to fall we went inside and tried to get the littles to sit on the couch for a group pose.  They were not having any of it but I think this photo is absolutely adorable.  They need to recreate this exact shot when they are in their late teens or early twenties don’t you think?  It makes me giggle.

Thank you as always Casey!  Can’t wait for your family session in a couple of weeks!

Tomball, Texas | Byron + Kelly

Tomball, Texas | Byron + Kelly

These two! They are just so darn cute. Byron is one of my oldest and dearest online…turned real life friends that the internet has gifted me with over the years. Kelly is his sweet, beautiful bride. I don’t get to spend near enough time with these two. Personally I think we need 36 hour days and 3 day weekends don’t you?

Kelly loves to sew. She makes absolutely beautiful quilts and more! She was recently awarded Teacher of the Year at Grangerland Intermediate. I’m sure her students and co-workers will miss her as she also retired at the end of the year.

Over the years I have watched these two weather storm after storm, from health issues to the loss of family members and just about anything else life can throw at you. They have always come through on the other side shining bright with smiles on their faces.

They are currently going through the fight of their lives as Kelly is battling cancer for the 4th time. She is a fighter. She is strong. Her smile and strength are contagious. They are strong and their faith and love for each other is palpable.

I was honored to do this photoshoot for them and for the gift of being able to document their story and their love.

Keep fighting you two! You’ve got this!

All my love,