12 Days of Christmas Giveaways | Day 5

There are many, many families this holiday season missing a loved one who is gone from  defending our freedom.  These brave men and women sacrifice in so many ways for us every single day as do their families.  These families miss birthdays, births, deaths, anniversary and also holidays together.  I cannot imagine how hard this sacrifice is,  most especially during the holidays when they are apart.  The soldiers as well as their entire families sacrifice so you can have the freedom to sit warm and safe, reading this blog and even playing this game.  Let’s take 5 minutes and send them some love shall we?

The middle of December is too late to get them a letter in time for Christmas but letters to soldiers are always welcome.  After the holidays is especially important because the influx of holiday letters slows down or even stops.  Why not stop what you’re doing for just a minute and send a quick letter to one of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep us FREE.

Letters to soldiers can be sent to:

A Million Thanks

17853 Santiago Blvd.


Villa Park, CA 92861

More information on letters to soliders can be found here.  

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