Organizing & Backing Up Your Digital Photos

Hey there!  How are you? Are you frustrated with trying to keep all those digital files neat & organized?  Is one of your New Years Resolutions to finally get that done?

Do you have camera photos as well as cell phone photos to organize?

Are you a photographer struggling to find the best organization techniques?  What about backing them up and keeping them safe?  Here are a few pointers on my system and solutions that will hopefully help you create a system that works best for you.  

Before you begin to centralize, organize and back-up your photos it’s a good idea to decide on your organizational structure.  I organize my personal photos by year and event.  For example:

2016 (main folder)

There are lots of ways to do this.  You can also do it by event:

Christmas (main folder)

You can organize by family member:

Sally Sue (main folder)

And so on.  How you organize is up to you but it will really help to decide on a plan in advance.  If you’re a photographer you can do it by year or by client.  I had mine by year for a long time.  I have since recently changed to organizing by client and I love it.  For me photos are much easier to find that way.

Doe, Jane (main folder)

I also break photos down into small albums in order to find photos faster.  For example:

16_Christmas (home)
16_Christmas (in-laws)

I hope that helps with giving you some organizational ideas for your photos.  For more information on centralizing your images and back-up solutions, including no cost options, grab your copy of my FREE Guide to Organizing & Backing Up Your Images below!

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