Events | Golden Bear Band Competition

The Bears went to competition this month at Blinn and I followed along with the flip and my camera.   I got the video finished last night.   All of the photos are uploaded to the gallery -> clickety click.

The Homecoming video is finalizing as I type this and I hope to post it soon!  Enjoy!

See you at your session!

The Scoop | It’s Up!

In case you haven’t noticed – the new site is FINALLY up! There are still a few minor things to do here which is why I haven’t “officially” launched it but – take a look around and let me know what you think!!! Lots of new and exciting things happening here!!

I also finished the Wedding Promo vid…..check it out!

RandiLeigh | Childrens Photography – Montgomery, Texas

RandiLeigh | Childrens Photography – Montgomery, Texas

I know ya’ll never get tired of seeing my little 2-year old PR person do you? *grin* We had her 2nd Year portrait session recently and here are some of my favorite images.










Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!  I am headed back to New Orleans with my handsome hubby to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our first date!!


Video | DLP Promotional Video

I’m still working like a busy bee on things around here…here is the new promotional video that will be on the main page of the site. I think it turned out GREAT!!! I’m getting closer & closer everyday. I can’t wait to share all the new and exciting features of the site & DLP!!!

MHS Football Season | Sports Photography – Montgomery, Texas

It’s that time of year so you know where I am at on Friday Night!  Here a are a couple of fun videos for you.  I’m working on the game pics from last weekend as well as the Band Competition at Blinn and will post them as soon as I can!! Congratulations to the Bears on their Homecoming win over Waller | 30-7!

I think I finally figured out why that 2nd video lowered the quality of the images…it’s because part of the video was not HD so it lowered the quality of the whole video. Thats just my guess….I take pictures…not video. HA HA HA!