Accidental Molasses

Laugh loudly, laugh often and most importantly, laugh at yourself! – Chelsea Handler

In July I bought 3 new hummingbird feeders, whipped up some yummy hummy food, hung them up and not so patiently waited their arrival.  I know that was a bit early but I was uber excited this year.   Just when I thought they would never show up – there they were!

I was delighted and happily grabbed my camera (which I had ready by the window) and went to town.  I soon learned that shooting through the blinds was harder than I thought and creates a bit of a haze.  The images still came out good though I think.  I’m going to try more soon by hiding around the corner so we will see.

A few days later there were several feeding on regular basis and chasing each other.  Soon after “red” joined the group with his beautiful ruby throat rather large attitude.   He makes it very clear to the others that he prefers to eat alone.  

hummingbird_ruby throat_dianneleigh_1002

hummingbird_ruby throat_dianneleigh_1001

Shortly after that my new little friends needed more food.  Having been told that the red food is not good for them I proceeded to whip up another batch of homemade nectar.  In the past I’ve looked up the recipe on Pinterest but having made a batch recently I decided to rely on memory.  This is never a good thing before 7am.

hummingbird_ruby throat_dianneleigh_1003

hummingbird_ruby throat_dianneleigh_1000

That afternoon I got busy with the kids & wee ones and my love decided to pour the cooled juice into a container for me.  As he began to pour the clear….thick….molasses into the container he called out to me in the other room..

“Honey, ummmmm how do you make this hummingbird food?”  

“It’s easy.  It’s four equal parts.”

“Of what?  Are you sure you did it right?”

“Yuppers.  Three parts sugar and one part water then you heat it until it melts.”

“Are you sure?”

About that time I walked in the room and watched as the clear sugary thick sludge barely poured from the container.  

“Are you trying to glue their little beaks together or something?”

Immediately realizing my mistake as I watched him trying to pour I broke out in hysterical laughter.  At least that was an easy fix right?

They say the proof is in the pudding.  Or in this case molasses.    Proof I should not attempt anything important before coffee.