For the Love of a Pug


Once upon a time I thought there was no sense in owning a small dog. They weren’t real dogs right? All the furry babies I’d owned were big (ok huge) dogs. Then along came my lil Gidget girl. She stole our families heart from the getgo with her little pug ways.

My little love celebrated her 12th birthday last month by spending the day napping in her favorite spot and having some peanut butter treats as our trip to the park was rained out.

They truly become a part of our family. It’s hard to watch them as they age and become seniors. We had a real scare with her a few months ago. She was in the backyard and her whole body started shaking. I thought it was a seizure as she couldn’t move and was looking at me with total confusion wanting to come to me but unable to move. As it turned out the vet said she was shaking from pain and she had a bit of a problem with her spine left over from a previous injury. Fortunately pain/ant-inflammatory meds seem to have healed her.

That was hard and I was afraid that she was going to start going downhill. She could no longer jump on the couch and wasn’t getting around well but in true Gidget fashion she bounced back beautifully and was jumping on the couch again and playing with Smigdet in to time flat.

These days though that’s not the case. She gets more and more white all the time…she’s taken to her little doggie bed in the living room 98% of the time and her hearing is gone. At first we had trouble deciding if it was her hearing or her level of pug-stubborn had increased but when words like “treat” and “truck” that once sent her into full fledged pugginess (yes I made that up) don’t even cause her to lift her head from her little bed – we knew. She still runs around being silly & playful sometimes, has a bit of an “attitude” and has a clean bill of health so that makes me happy.

It’s hard tho when you love them so much and you know your time is limited.

“Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog.”