Klein High School Prom – The Woodlands, Texas | Jess + Josh

Cotillion, Belle Ball, Homecoming, Junior and Senior Prom were always such a special time in our house.  Mother-daughter mani-pedi’s followed by a house full of girls and their mom’s became a regular event.  Music & laughter filled the house as the master bathroom slowly transformed into what looked like a miniature Sephora/beauty salon combo.  By the time my two girls graduated I could have probably opened a small boutique selling used formals.  I know a lot of you mom’s out there are nodding your head while reading this.  Such sweet, special memories and happy times.

Last night Klein High School held their 2018 Senior Prom and we were super excited to be able to spend some time with Joe’s daughter Jessica and her handsome boyfriend, Josh.  I just love taking pictures of these two.  They are a sweet, beautiful couple and the camera just loves them!  We arrived early and waited out front as they drove up to the Woodlands Waterway Marriott in his father’s early 80’s model TransAm.

Jessica looked like a Princess as she stepped out of the classic car.  Her dress was just beautiful, her make-up was flawless and she was perfectly coordinated from head to toe.  Josh was in the matching tux and stylin’ in GQ fashion from his head to his shoes as well.  Everyone turned to admire them as they walked through the lobby of the hotel.  They were so excited, I don’t even think they noticed.

Congratulations on your Senior Prom Jess & Josh.  I hope your night was as magical as you dreamed it would be.  Thank you for including us in your special day!