Throwback Thursday | Christmas Edition

Welcome to Christmas 1994 and one of my all time favorite holiday throwbacks.  I just love this picture of my girls!  I know – they look super excited right?  They were probably fussing with each other, wanting to stop taking pictures (antique 35mm style) or they were embarrassed by those dresses.  *giggle*

I saw that fabric at the store and just fell in love with it so I made them Christmas dresses complete with matching scruncii’s.  Bwahaaahaaa!   That’s just how I Mom y’all.  If you can’t buy it – make it right?

Isn’t the reason God gives you little girls so you can dress them up in cute outfits with matching bows and ruffle socks?  My poor oldest child is probably scarred for life because she didn’t wear anything but pink until she was a year old.  Literally!  On her first birthday I put her in her first blue dress.  All of her bottles matched her outfits, all of her socks matched her outfits and she had a matching bow of course!  Three strands of hair and I kept having to put them back in but by golly….she had them. You know how the first child is…..pristine and sparkly and I never even let her get slobber on her face.  Then the second one arrives and you decide eating a little dirt won’t kill them.  Neither will wearing blue.

When I was a little girl my Mom kept my hair short in a pixie cut and dressed me in turtle neck shirts and plaid pants.  Am I dating myself here?  Anyway, I wanted to be a beauty queen or a famous actress or something and people would bump into me and say, “excuse me son”.  I was devastated.  I would go in my room and cry and cry.  I vowed that if God ever gave me a little girl you would know that she was a girl if she was covered in mud.  I also vowed when I was old enough to grow my hair it would never again be short.

So….bows, ruffles, frilly clothes, dance costumes – you name it they were in it and the more sparkle the better!   These two were always looking completely adorable.  I used to get comments on it and I would prance around proud as a peacock.  They would probably tell you they are scarred and hate bows.  Funny how that happens eh?  I just love this pic (attitudes and all) and the memories or making those dresses and of my precious little dolls.  What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?