9 Month Baby Photo Session – Montgomery, Texas | Kendall

Babies, babies….babies everywhere.  Love it! I mean, who doesn’t just love these adorable little faces?  The blog is being taken over by babies and bellies these days and I’m not complaining one bit!  Little Miss Kendall was quite the ham at her 9 month photo shoot splish slashing around in her birthday suit.  

One of my favorite things about photographing her, besides her little bubbly smile and smile is all of the cute head bands and bows her Mom has.  She never tries to take them off either.  Little Missy here is quite the little Princess.  I just love it!

She is such a ham she literally made us laugh out loud as I was snapping away. Happy and smiley should be her middle names. In the August heat in Texas who wouldn’t be happy splashing around in an old tub?  

I wish I could take credit for this adorable set-up but I can’t.  It was her Mom, Kelsey’s idea. It was perfect! I may have to borrow this set-up someday myself.  We are already planning her 1 year cake smash session. I’m sure her Mom will have all sorts of cute & creative ideas.  I’m already counting the days!