Newborn Photographer – College Station, Texas | Jakobi

Everything is coming up babies these days and I love it!  If you’ve been around here for a while you may remember Rachel & Chad from their wedding and more recently, their maternity photos.  I’ve shared some fun stories of little Rachel when she was a member of one of my Girl Scout Troops and the fun times we had.

There have been 5 troop babies born this year so my Facebook feed is full of sweet little faces and tired, but happy Mommies & Daddies.  It fills my heart every time I scroll.

Rachel, Kelsey & my oldest daughter, Stacie, still hang out as much as they can.  All three have had babies in the last 12 months.

Rachel and Stacie are 2 days apart and whatdya know…Jakobi & my newest wee one, Sarai, are only 3 days apart!  That’s just so exciting!  We attempted to do their newborn photos together but Sarai was not having any of it.  I will try again soon to get some good photos of her but in the meantime….you’ll just have to “ooooo” and “ahhhhhh” after Mr. Jakobi’s handsome little self!

Welcome to the world little man!  Thank you for the good snuggles.  I’m already excited about your next session!