Tomball, Texas Anniversary Portraits | Jess + Rich

If you were ever wondering what true love looks like…it looks exactly like this.  I was so excited when Jess asked me for a photo shoot to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their love.  I just love this sweet couple and jumped at the chance!

Jess and I met online about 18 years in an community long before MySpace or Facebook ever existed.  I’ve been blessed to have made friends there from all over the world.  Amazing people…all brought together via the web.  Some I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person, some I haven’t….yet.

Jess is one of the “Houston bunch” and I just adore her.  Eventually I met Rich as well and just fell in love with these two.  No relationship is perfect and we all have our ups and downs but in 18 years of friendship….both on and off the web……a zillion blogs, posts, tweets, emails, grams, snaps…you name it….these two glow with true friendship, mutual admiration and true love for each other.  They do it all the time and don’t even realize it.  Not the fake kind that makes us all wanna be sick or even necessarily through their words but just their posts and interaction with each other.  We should all be so lucky!

During their session you’d have thought they were still dating.  Rich is clearly still smitten with his sweet bride.  Then again, who could blame him….she’s smart, beautiful, has a heart of gold and one of the best Mom’s in the world.

Happy Anniversary you two!  Here’s to 20 more!  Love you bunches!