What do earthworms, daddy long-legs, crickets, and pill bugs have in common with this glowing bride?  Yours truly has spent more than a few weekends at camp chasing her around with them!  That’s what!

As a photographer I am truly grateful to be invited into the lives of my clients even for a few brief moments and cherish being able to document the special chapters of their lives for them.  I am a hopeless romantic and always tear up at the weddings I am fortunate to capture.  In this instance however, my cup overflowed…with tears.  Fortunately the worst had passed by the time the ceremony started.

Giving back and sharing our time and talent(s) is something that is very important to me and I spent 16 years as a Girl Scout Leader here in Montgomery.  Three troops (who are all between 20 and 29 now) and over 80 girls later I’ve had the joy of seeing all of my “girls” grow, graduate, go to college, marry and become parents.

While I was photographing the bridal preparation and watching my daughter help Rachel with her make-up, my heart swelled with pride.  The memories of them playing make-up and all of the other general silliness these two would wind up in were running through my mind when unexpectedly another of my “girls” walked in the room.  There they were the three of them.  Just like when they were 6 or 7 but all grown up now and playing make-up for real.

Tears welled some but I fought them back and kept snapping away.  Then I turned around and yet another of my “girls” walked through the door.  That was it.  “Ms. Di” lost it.  I put them in a group and snapped some photos through my blurry eyes and gathered my wits.  You’d think I was the parent.  Later during the ceremony we were blessed with the presence with yet another of my Girl Scouts.  Wow!  Just wow!  Eight years later and here they were.  Together again.

When Rachel asked me to be her Wedding Photographer I was delighted!  She and Chad chose to hold their Conroe wedding and reception in the backyard at her father’s house and it couldn’t have been more perfect!  Everything from the decor, to the flowers and cake captured their personalities perfectly and their love was palpable by everyone in attendance.

Rachel was the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen.  She was completely calm, cool and collected.  She was so much fun!  They both were.  A calm bride = a calm groom.

Rachel and Chad met at a friends house during the power outage in 2008 thanks to Hurricane Ike. Chad’s best friend actually left the party with Rachel’s number but the next day…it was Chad who called.  A month later they were officially a couple and six years later….their wedding day arrived.

Without further adieu…please enjoy a few of their fun wedding photos.


The colors Rachel + Chad chose for their wedding were a perfect reflection of them and so much fun!!  The dress Rachel chose from David’s Bridal could not have been more Absolutely Rach! conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer

I am so in love with this beautiful jewelry!! conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer

How adorable are these two?!  They could hardly stop grinning and giggling long enough to smooch.
conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer

Fun, funky colorful touches were everywhere you looked!

Conroe_Backyard_Wedding_Rac conroe-texas-backyard-wedding-photographer

Thank you so much Rachel + Chad for allowing me the honor of documenting your special day!!