Fernland Park Anniversary | Jada + Sam

As a photographer bringing joy to others through photos is my ultimate goal. When I hear stories of couples who had a bad experience with their wedding photographer and only wound up with one or two good photos of their special day… my heart breaks for them.

Jada emailed me and inquired about a session and when I spoke with her and heard their story I was sad for them but also excited at the same time as I knew we could capture some amazing images for them to cherish.

I was over the moon after she booked their appointment. Our first scheduled session got rained out. The rain dropped lightly from the sky during their reschedule as well but I was bound and determined to capture beautiful images of them no matter what. Fortunately….they were all in rain or shine as well.

I can often be found smiling as I edit my sessions but when I saw their beautiful portraits I was literally grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I can’t wait to share all of their images with them and over the moon to share here also.

What a fun, sweet & precious couple. Thank you Jada and Sam for choosing me. I had a great time! I think we should make it an annual date. *giggles*