Bacardi Factory Tour | San Juan, Puerto Rico

A simple 50 cent ferry ride + a $3.00 taxi will take you from Old Town San Juan to the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rico; the number 1 rum in the world and winner of over 550 awards.  This beautiful location accounts for 85% of the companies global distillation.

If you’re planning a trip to San Juan, a cruise excursion or are already there looking for something to do Bacardi is definitely worth a trip!  We spent a fantastic four days in Old Town and although neither of us are big drinkers we decided it was worth a stop after a tip from a friend.  Boy are we glad we did!  We took the historical tour that included a taste testing at the end.

The property is breath taking from the moment the taxi pulls in.

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1004

After you choose your tour you are given tokens to head to the bar for the drink of your choice.  In our case one was more than enough but if not and you have a higher tolerance – they have a cash bar as well.

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1005

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1006

Like I said – we aren’t big drinkers but I love fruity “chick” drinks!  Mmmmm! *hiccup*

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1002

You are also handed a buzzer and when it goes off you board your tram off to the plant.  Our historical tour took us through several buildings and we viewed the distillery as well.

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1003

Finally we were treated to a tasting and sampled different aged rums.

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1000
I have to admit.  I choked down the first couple and they burned as they went down.  I didn’t even finish the samples.  The last couple though – wow – who would have thought there is actually a difference?  They were smooth, almost velvety, easy to taste and I don’t think I left a single drop.

Travel Photographer_Bacardi_SanJuan_1001

Once our tasting was finished we walked over to the Bacardi gift shop (maybe not in a straight line) and found the perfect ornament for our Christmas Tree.  An ornament, Pandora charm and a baseball hat are our must have travel souvenirs.

Next time we are in San Juan I am sure we will go back.  I think the Bacardi Factory Mixology Tour would be fun!  If you’ve been drop me a note and tell me about your trip!

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