Spring, Texas Newborn Photographer | Spring Newborn Photography | Wyatt

Meet Wyatt. This little guy….oh my goodness. Talk about a newborn who did not want to go to sleep. It took us an hour and a half + lots and lots (AND LOTS) of milk to get him to finally doze off.

When he finally fell asleep it was worth it though. He was “milk drunk” and we could fold and bend him any which way. LOL

I have been blessed to watch his Mommy grow up as well. Her Mother and I were pregnant together. She and my oldest daughter are 3 months and 1 day apart and were raised like cousins. How is it they are about to turn 30? I mean….I’m only 22. Or was…yesterday. HA!

Don’t you love his hair? His beautiful Mommy was also born with a head full of hair. It was jet black and long enough for velcro bows. I was jealous….I had to pretty much tape bows on my daughters bald head at the time. Then her turned red and by the time she was a year old, it was blonde. How crazy is that?

I just love his beautiful red locks and can’t wait to see what happens by the time he’s a year old!

Welcome to the world little Prince! I can’t wait for our next photographic adventure!

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