Pay-it-Forward Friday | The Little Big Things

“Just begin’ coz I just did!” – Suchi @ The Little Big Things

I love this quote from my very favorite doodler, Suchi!  Suchi is a digital designer & doodler living in Dubai, UAE.

Although she studied digital art formally at school, much of what she has learned comes from what she sees around her and by simply just ‘doing it’.

Suchi’s doodles are non-complicated, everyday art that connects well with people.  As with all of us she loves to hear feedback from her clients and the nicest feedback she receives for her doodles is when a client shares that her doodle make them smile.

Suchi also worked as the Creative Director for one of Middle East’s largest Web Agencies and firmly believes in Teamwork, Technology & Intuition.

She recently took to doodling and what started as simple scribbles is now slowly growing into her idea of daily-happy-ness.  Suchi’s goal is to keep it simple… always. I’m a huge fan of the KISS method & I love that she strives toward that goal.

Suchi giggles and explains that it’s also amusing to note how her tribe is getting bigger over social media and continues to grow every day. She is a newbie Etsy-an which gives her a great insight into what people really want!

She also enjoys dabbling with watercolor and collecting quirky handmade stuff. She is truly a creative at heart… not to mention completely adorable and a total sweetheart.

Her favorite coffee is Americano & Cinnamon morning bun, she has a pet fish called Blub and loves to watch The Notebook.  Every one of those is a win in my book!  Guess I need to grab a ticket to Dubai so we can grab some coffee & a movie.

I’ll leave you with one of Suchi’s favorite quotes and an adorable doodle she made for me to kick start your weekend with a smile. “Don’t let the excellent get in the way of the good.


To learn more about Suchi or have her create you a custom doodle check out her website at:

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