Pay it Forward Friday | La Coture d’ Elizabeth

On today’s Pay-it-Forward Friday I am so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth of La Couture d’Elizabeth.  I don’t know about you but her business name alone gives me visions of love and photos of beautiful girls in amazing gowns set against Springtime in Paris and the Eiffel Tower.  Let’s all take a moment to daydream of ourselves for a moment in that setting strolling with the love our life in our perfect custom creation by Elizabeth shall we?

Elizabeth owns a clothing design and alterations company specializing in custom gown designs on a budget. Her passions is creating a bride’s dream gown without breaking the bank. She can create semi-custom gowns using your measurements to fit the perfect dress and can even do so  for out-of-town brides using video chat for consultations.

Elizabeth loves working with brides to achieve their dream gown whether that means altering an existing gown or creating one from scratch within their budget.  She can also create the perfect prom dress or other formal you might need.

When she’s not busy sewing or getting tangled in thread Elizabeth loves coconut lattes and has a parrotlet – the tiniest parrot you can get.  Her name is Alice after Alice in Wonderland!  She also has a chihuahua-terrier mix named Mike and her all time favorite movie is You’ve got mail!  

That just makes me giggle.  I can hear the dial-up sound in the back of my mind and see Tom Hanks running away from Meg Ryan in that little coffee shop as I type this.  I love that movie too and chihuahuas although I’m partial to mine.  He he

To contact Elizabeth or see more of her work go to:



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