Tomball Maternity Photographer / Tomball Museum District Portraits / Lexus

What can I say about this beautiful, glowing little Mama to be? I started my first Girl Scout Troop in 1995. Lexus was the youngest sister of two of my older girls, Leslie and Lindsey. She is the same age as my youngest so I’ve been around this beauty since she was around 2 1/2 – 3 years old.

The two girls used to run and play during our meetings until one day when they were old enough to be in their own Troop, my “younger” girls. Lexus was always full of smiles and always all in for whatever craft or adventure we were up to that week.

3 Troops, 80 girls and 24 years later and my “girls” are all running around getting married, having babies and busy “adulting”. Some of them I am fortunate to see and talk to more than others. I haven’t seen Lexus since at least 2011 and I was so excited to photograph her. I didn’t ask her if her sisters were coming too but I was hoping they would. Sure enough Lindsey, her beautiful children and her Mom came along for the shoot. I was so excited to see her too. It seemed like forever since I’d seen them yet in a way….just like yesterday.

Lexus has a thousand watt smile and I swear I have photos of her tiny self, with that same smile….that look just like these (maybe with a smaller belly). As I watched her smile through the lens, for a brief second, I could see her 3 year old self bouncing in the door, running and jumping in my arms then squeezing my neck so tight that it usually knocked me off balance and chocked me a little bit. That was our normal greeting until she got too big to hold. As she posed and smiled, she choked me again. This time I was chocking back tears. I can’t wait to meet her sweet baby daughter!

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