Engagement Portraits- The Woodlands, Texas | Emily + Sam

Emily & Sam met when her Sorority Sister asked her if she wanted to go over her friends house before they went out dancing one night.  Emily agree and while they were there, she met Sam.  They exchanged numbers through Facebook (because all the kewl kids are doing it right?) and became instant friends.  Emily was not looking for a relationship at the time but Sam won her over won me over with his kind heart.

Emily loves how genuine he is and that he is himself the most when he is around her.  Sam is also kind, funny and a hard worker.  She admires his work ethic and that he is not afraid to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Sam shared how special and loved that Emily makes him feel.  She can make him smile in his hardest times and he adores that she is caring, beautiful and loving.  Sam adds Emily is a very caring individual, she can brighten anyone’s day (including his) every single day. She also puts up at with his crazy self and lets him be crazy at any hour of the day. Also with his career their schedule can sometimes be crazy including lots of hours of overtime.  She totally understands and never complains.

These two lovebirds love to go out to dinner, most especially trying new food places.  They spend time at the beach as much as they can and enjoy snuggling up with each other and a good movie.
When Emily shared their proposal story with me, I couldn’t wait to share.  It was so sweet!  I was afraid I couldn’t do it justice telling it myself so I asked Emily to share.  So….without further adieu…refill your coffee and read on.
“Sam and I went on a summer vacation to Cabo San Lucas in July.  He insisted that he take his backpack. I though it was weird because I just wanted to take a recycle bag in case anything happened to it.
On Friday, July 27 we went on a zip lining adventure. After the course was over I found Sam standing over by a tree and thought it was weird and asked him what he was doing? He told me he was just looking at the trees. I thought in my head is he about to propose? But he didn’t.
Well, then I told him that our ride was here and it was time to go back to the resort. I was extremely hot and sweaty from the course and all I wanted to do was change and get something in my belly.
So in true Emily fashion I complained and wanted to eat before we did anything else. Sam insisted that we go and walk on the beach in the middle of that day when it was blazing hot outside. We ate first. All I wanted to do was get in the water and I kept telling him okay I am done with this let’s go get in the pool.
Then all of a sudden he turned around and I asked him if he was okay because he looked like he was having a hard time getting up. Right before my eyes he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was all such a blur and honestly I don’t even remember what he said because I was waiting for this day for forever. I just remember him telling me that he loves me so much and he would love for me to be his wife.
He put the ring on my finger and not even two seconds later the backpack with his wallet and keys to the hotel room went flying into the ocean. Our shoes, towels, everything, and we went chasing after them. Thankfully we got them, but it made us laugh so hard. Only us.”
Emily also told me that at one point when she questioned why they had the backpack and he was being protective of it he told her that there was nothing in it and she was welcome to check it out.  She later learned that he had rolled up the ring in a pair of socks so that if she had looked inside…she’d have seen nothing out of the ordinary.
Well played Sam my friend, well played!


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