Elfography – How to Take Better Photos of your Elf on The Shelf


Does your family have one of these fun little family members who comes back from the North Pole year after year?  If not you should!  An Elf on the Shelf is a great tradition for the whole family!  I’ve created a 30 page Elf on the Shelf Handbook that is FULL of information including:  What is all this Elf business anyway? Where can I get an Elf?  How to easily pose your Elf.  Elf arrival ideas. 100+ Ideas for Elf Mischief!  Departure ideas for your Elf.  Excuses for Your Elf Not Moving.  What to do if your Elf looses it’s magic.  Free Elf Printables and even a Printable Planning Calendar!

If your Elf is like ours and he or she comes back when the Christmas tree goes up on the Sunday after Thanksgiving then leaves with Santa on Christmas Eve then my Elf on the Shelf Handbook has FOUR YEARS worth of ideas for you!!  All of that and your eyes are not deceiving you…it’s FREE!!  Because I luv ya, I’m blessed that you’re here & I love to give back!  Details of how to get your Handbook are below but first I want to share a few pointers with you for taking better photos of your Elf.

♥ Simplify your photo.

If the objects in your photo aren’t needed to tell the story of whatever mischief your Elf has managed to find remove them and simplify.  The fewer distractions in your photo the more pleasing it will be to your viewers.

♥ Get down eye level with your Elf.

Eye level Elf photos are so much fun!  Let the camera see the world through your Elf’s eyes.

♥ Experiment with Angles.

After you’ve taken your photo at eye level….experiment.  Play around with other fun and interesting angles for your Elf.

♥ Focus on his/her face.

Whether you are taking photos of your Elf with a DSLR or a cell phone be sure to focus on his or her face.  When using your cell phone for photography you can simply select the focus area by tapping on that spot of your screen.  This will also set the exposure for your photo as well.  Most cell phones will allow you to adjust the brightness if you need to after setting the initial exposure.

♥ Turn off your flash.

When people ask me for photo tips & tricks this is usually the #1 thing I say to them!  Just turn it off!  When it comes to taking photos of your Elf you may well need it as he or she is usually inside and is often being photographed in the evening when the kids have gone to bed but turn it off and try your photo with it off first.  You can always look at your photo and turn it back on real fast if need be.

Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve…snap, snap, snap away!  I can’t wait to read your Elf stories and see all of the wonderful things you come up with!  When posting photos of your Elf be sure to use the hashtags #elfography and #eotshandbook so we call all join in the fun you and your family are having!

To get your FREE Elf on the Shelf Handbook simply fill out the form below and it will arrive in your email in just a few minutes.  I sincerely hope the Handbook brings you and your family even more holiday fun this year and makes your Elf mischief a bit easier to plan!  Enjoy the Handbook & keep an eye out for more goodies to come very soon such as How to Take Better Holiday Photos, a Holiday Photo Checklist and a Guide for Organizing your Digital Photos.

♥ Di

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