Wonderful, Beautiful, Natural Light & the Best Time of Day to Shoot Portraits

When is the best time to take outdoor pics?

This is a great question.  Photography is ALL about lighting and I wish there was a “one answer fits all” to give you.  That said, the light that is my absolute favorite is an hour to an hour and a half before sunset or alternatively an hour to an hour and half before sunrise depending on the location and the clients availability.   

You will often hear photographers refer to the evening time as “the golden hour”.  Most weather apps will tell you sunrise and sunset times or you can also check SunriseSunset.com to easily check other locations and/or dates.

I loveloveLOVE the Golden Hour and the beautiful halo lighting that you can easily get with it.  

There are photographers however that have mastered the art of direct sunlight and can shoot any time of day including high noon-2 pm or so but I’d say the majority will aim for sunrise or sunset.  I have been practicing with this some myself lately because I am always want to learn to master new skills.

Here is an example of halo lighting I took recently.  This photo was taken about 8:15am in the beautiful morning light.  


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