Montgomery, Texas – Family Photographer | Taylor Family

This sweet family!  The only thing I like more than taking their photos is gushing about them.  Sweetest family ever! Seriously y’all!

Casey opted to do their family portraits at home this year.  They have a beautiful home and I was completely on board with it.  Someone forgot to let little Lincoln know that though.  He was just not having it.  Any of it.  It was the cutest thing.  Mom & Dad are so patient with both of their littles and as soon as we realized that he was semi ok as long as no one said the “P” word (picture) we were able to get some cute shots.

It was the funniest thing.  I was taking photos of Mom and precious Rory and not 3 feet away little Lincoln was sitting on the floor bawling like a baby.  Well, ok…he is a baby but I’m sure you get the picture.

These are the fun photoshoots that will make Mom & Dad smile years from now when they look at the pictures and remember all of the chaos and tears off-camera that went with them.  They will smile with nostalgia and wish they could go back to that very moment and hug their littles just one more time before they grew up.  It happens in a blink.

In the meantime, they will frame their photos, hang them on the wall and high five each other before falling into bed exhausted.  Are ya feeling me all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there?  You’ve been there haven’t you?  Me too my friends.

Live in the moment, embrace the chaos, the imperfection and the “real”.  Casey always smiles and says, “this is so us.”  I just love her…we should all learn a bit these two.

I can’t wait til our next photographic adventure!










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