Lindley | Senior Photographer, Tomball, Texas

What’s better than graduating from High School and crossing the stage with a shiny, new diploma?
Graduating from College and getting your Bachelors!
What’s better than getting your Bachelors?
Getting your Masters!
Beautiful Lindley did just that!  Not only did I get to celebrate with her some with a fun photo shoot but she brought along her adorable puppies. Those little cuties only sat still for .00001 of a second but who got the shot?!  That would be ME!  *giggles*  Thankfully Lindley froze into a perfect pose which allowed me to press the shutter just in time to catch those two little cuties in their split second sit!  So much fun!!
Lindley also brought along a celebratory bottle of champagne!  Now that’s my kind of photoshoot!
Congratulations Lindley on reaching for those stars and chasing your dreams!  You are definitely going places!  Thank you for giving me the privilege of documenting this special time in your life!

Make-up by Julie Luna.

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