Big Sky Barn Wedding – Montgomery, Texas | Tamsen + Eric

He loves to hunt, they love to fish and they both love being outdoors surrounded by nature, but–on a beautiful day in Montgomery, Texas –Eric and Tamsen were the center of attention.  They were surrounded by friends, family and the beautiful power of love.

Tamsen was safetly tucked away in the bridal suite at the beautiful  Big Sky Barn sipping mimosas, laughing, chatting with her wonderful bridesmaids and anxiously waiting that special moment when her eyes would meet Eric’s as he waited for her at the end of the aisle.

I cannot gush about this wedding enough.  I don’t know about other photographers but I know I always get caught up in the day with my Bride & Groom and tear up a little at the kiss and announcement of the couple but this wedding filled both Joe & I with love and joy and we left happy and giggling.

Tamsen posted on her Facebook the day before the wedding that the wrong color vests had come in for the guys at which point she went a little “bridezilla” (understandably so) and in the midst of dealing with that situation she got a text that something bad had happened to one of the layers of her cake and it was gone.  She went on to say that after calming down she decided that none of it really mattered and she just wanted to meet the love of her life at the end of the aisle.

And that’s exactly what she did!  I don’t know if it was the pre-stress of her wedding day or what exactly but she was the most relaxed, laid back, calm bride.  Eric was totally himself as well in his jeans and baseball cap and it set the tone for the guests and the entire wedding.  It was perfect!  They were so relaxed, completely adorable and obviously soaking up every minute of their special day!

Eric and Tamsen, thank you for the honor of documenting your love. Your friends and families made us feel truly blessed to get to know you on a deeper level and we are privileged to have seen you through their eyes. I wish you the best as you begin a beautiful, amazing life together.

This venue is so beautiful and they decorated it perfectly!

Tamsen you are gorg!

The grey tone with the jewel toned accent colors went together perfectly!

Isn’t this jeweled bouquet just to die for?

Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?  She wanted to help!

Tamsen had the best group of Bridesmaids anyone could ask for!

Tamsen made each bouquet and personalized it for each of her wonderful girls!

I can feel the love in this photo!  Everyone at the wedding felt it too!

See what I mean?  Is this group the best or what?

The cake turned out to be perfect after all!

Remember I said they loved to fish?  How perfect is this grooms cake?

Congratulations Tamsen and Eric! May your life together be full of love and joy!

Venue:  Big Sky Barn
Wedding Planner:  Patricia Jones
Brides Cake:  Denise Phratt
Groom’s Cake:   Sherri Peters






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