Love Languages

We each have our own unique love language which we share with others in our own special & beautiful way. Everyone knows the birthstone and birth flower for their birthday month but did you know there is also a love language for flowers?

It’s true. For example the beautiful Calla Lilly represents femininity and beauty while our little Forget Me Not friends represent true love and remembrance. The Hyacinth, a common wedding flower actually represents jealousy and the ever popular Peony is unfortunately representative of anger. Whew…I hope I didn’t just send a slew of Brides running back to the florist.

Many brides overlook this little bit of trivia and miss a wonderful opportunity to make their wedding day just a little bit more special and even more personalized. Check out the link in my bio for more information on the sweet, fragrant Floral Language of Love.

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What 3 flowers would you place in a bouquet of you?

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